40 Reasons To Why Your Personal Data Is At Risk

Google is Following Your Steps

Source: therichest.com

The days when Google was just a very good and popular search engine are long gone. Other than their search engine, Google’s browser, Chrome, holds the highest market share among all other browsers, the Android Operating System powers approximately 90% of all smartphones, Google Maps and Waze are two of the most popular navigation apps out there,  and the list of their other services is almost endless. With that said, the amount of information Google is able to collect on its users is enormous. Goole knows exactly which websites you visited, what search terms you looked for on their search engine, what was the last destination you needed instruction to get to and that is just the tip of the iceberg. All this data about you and your online habits is constantly collected and processed in order to fulfill a single purpose –  knowing what type of ads will make their users more engaged what will contribute directly to the effectiveness of their advertising business and to its growth.