People Who’ve Made A Life Changing Decision

Like the flip of a coin, one decision can change your life forever. There are extraordinary people around the world, who began their lives just like you and me, but one decision changed their lives completely. Opportunities arise every day and it is up to each one of us to seize the moment and decide whether it’s time to join the leagues of those whose stories serve as our inspiration and a constant reminder to always dream big.

From Graffiti Artist to Millionaire

Graffiti Artist Agrees To Get Paid In Options For Painting Facebook HQ Walls
From graffiti artist to millionaire - David Choe


Back in 2005, an artist named David Choe was hired to paint murals inside Facebook headquarters. He had a choice in how he was paid, either $60,000 in cash or the same amount in stock options. Choe decided on the stock options and what a smart decision it was! Facebook went public seven years later and he reportedly raked in over $200 million on his stock options. The lesson here is to look to the future before taking a big decision. Had Choe decided the quick cash was the way to go, he would have been kicking himself come 2012!

Jobs’ Life Changing Decision

Steve Jobs Returns To Apple 12 Years After He Was Fired 
Steve Jobs changed our life with his vision


Steve Jobs was working at Pixar when Apple was in obvious trouble thus he was called to the rescue. One employee from Apple actually emailed Jobs and told him to find something else to do with his time,  “…don’t come back to Apple, you’ll ruin it.” His response was priceless and unforgettable, “You may be right. But if I succeed, remember to look in the mirror and call yourself an asshole for me.” Steve Jobs decision to go back to Apple has led to life changes for many people all around the world. The explosion of the iPhone, iPad and so many other gadgets, was because Steve Jobs decided to go back to Apple.

From JPK to JFK

How Would Americal Look Today If JFK Had Not Been The President?
President Kennedy


Back in 1944, Joseph P. Kennedy was serving in the military and was offered a discharge since he had completed his service. However, being the patriot that he was, the oldest Kennedy son chose to volunteer for another mission, postponing his eventual return home to enter politics. This one decision ended his life but allowed John  F. Kennedy to become next in line to be groomed for politics. Imagine how our America would look today had JFK not been president? His presidency helped prevent World War III among many other decisions that shaped our country and will forever be remembered.

Part Time Life Changing Job

Google Masseuse Becomes Multi-Millionaire After Cashing Her Stock Options
Bonnie Brown life changing decision


In 1999, Bonnie Brown was at a crossroads in life. Newly divorced, and living with her sister, she was looking for a stable job to secure her future. She therefore responded to an ad for a part-time masseuse at a local Silicon Valley start-up company called Google. At the time, there were only 40 employees and Brown was hired as an in-house masseuse for $450 per week plus stock options. It turns out that her decision to take this job not only secured her future but also allowed her to retire early by cashing in her stock options for millions of dollars. You just never know what taking a new job might lead to!

Never too Old to Change Your Life

At 66 Years Old Colonel Harland Sanders Builds His Chicken Empire
How Colonel Harland Sanders changed his life


At age 66, an old man was down on his luck since his business had recently been sold off at a loss therefore he was barely surviving on his government check of $105 per month (a survivable income in 1955). Colonel Sanders wondered what to do with his life as he wasn’t ready to retire and had no money to do anything he could fully enjoy. Still, he was an excellent cook and had a killer fried chicken recipe. Thus, he decided to try and make a living off his recipe and that is how Colonel Harland Sanders began Kentucky Fried Chicken. Later on, Sanders sold off his part of the company in 1964 for $2 million dollars and passed away in 1980 at the ripe age of 90.

There are extraordinary stories that happen everyday and offer inspiration to us all. Don’t pass up what may seem as insignificant opportunities to change your life!