Perfectly-Timed Sports Photos

Perfectly-Timed Sports Photos

Sports play an important part in our life for many reasons. It is healthy to practice different kinds of sport. And it can be very entertaining to watch competitions and games. There is also a funny side, as you can see below:

It takes a lifetime of practice, strict diet, and an unimaginable sacrifice to get to this level of execution. Being able to perform such an acrobatic maneuver where your head stretches backward in such a perfect manner is something the human eye just can’t process. It seems as if this athlete basically took her head off just for this last exercise and it was practically a crime not to capture it on film.

Photos usually raise memories of places we’ve been to or close people whom we’ve shared special moments with. Neither of these will be relevant for the boxer on the left. The velocity of this mighty right-handed punch caught him completely off-guard, creating a Kodak moment he’d probably wish to forget. That said, this photo still captures the essence of a boxing fight where two gladiators fight for glory and will give all they got in order to be the last one standing.

Any professional thrill seeker will tell you one of two things: “No guts, no glory” or “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat”. It is hard to say how successful this ride was for this brave surfer, however, one can only be overwhelmed by the attempt to beat all odds and physics, trying to surf this wave all the way through.

In this very moment, you will reconsider every decision ever made in life. Of all of the body parts a person can use to stop a speeding ball, a nose is probably the worst choice. However, when you play sports at the highest levels, pain is not a factor and winning is practically everything. This kind of photos is simply the definition of what they mean when they say “no pain, no gain”. Even if sometimes the pain may be caused by pure clumsiness.

This could be one of Tristan Thompson greatest photos. Thompson, who attended the Rising Star Game at the All-Star Weekend, performed an impressive two-handed dunk during the game. The cameras behind the basket were ticking, Thompson had put on a smile he’s been practising on since he was a little boy, but apparently, the ball had other plans. It just wasn’t willing to allow Thompson his moment of glory and covered his face completely to the point they cannot be seen at all in this photo and unless you are a Cavs fan and recognized him by his jersey number, no one else would have guessed who this basketball player may be.

These days when everybody is constantly trying to reinvent themselves and do things differently, this guy came up with a new futuristic way of riding, where the wheels are in the air and so is he. Professional sports requires a certain set of skills very few people possess, but one must admit that taking such amazing photos requires different skills, but at a level that is just as high.

Team sports is a completely different story than individual sports. The overall execution of the team is dependent on so many factors when timing being the most critical one. Same thing with photography, timing is what makes the photo unique and gives it its true meaning. This photo is a great example of what timing is all about; capturing an execution made to perfection, at the very right moment.

This is why you have to stay sharp on training when the coach reminds you to keep your mouth closed, eyes open and hands up. This guy probably missed that part and now he has to face the results, literally.

This guy has been where no man has journeyed before. It is always beautiful to witness the magical moment of birth, even when it’s one wrestler giving it to another during a professional competition.

Some sports just don’t get enough coverage by the media. There are athletes other than NFL or NBA superstars with a phenomenal record in their field of sports who are just thirsty to get some exposure and recognition. This photo is a hilarious example that proofs why they deserve it.

When you step on a bug during a game and looking to clean your show on the closest thing you find, it doesn’t mean you have to do it on your opponent’s face. Sports spirit comes above all, even your hygiene.

There is something touchy about seeing a big guy who’s so vulnerable. This guy seems like this is the last place he wanted to be in that particular moment. Actually, it seems like he never wanted to be there from the first place.

What most people don’t know about Wayne Rooney is that not only he’s a gifted striker, but he’s also a hip-hop enthusiastic who masters the art of breakdance and enjoys bringing it to the soccer field.

There were times when Ronda Rousey was unbeatable and her fights ended under less than one minute when she was, of course, on the winning side. Things may have changed since she returned to compete after taking a long break. The competitors became tougher, Ronda may have lost some of her sharpness, or maybe she’s not as passionate about fighting as she was before she took some time off. Either way, you cannot stay indifferent and not admire this demonstration of power and skills during her fight with Bethe Correia, who challenged Ronda for the UFC championship title.

There are quite a few athletes that would want people to recognize them for their performance rather than their looks. It is likely this gorgeous tennis player would sign up to be a member in that group of athletes.

You can only admire the level of concentration athletes get to in order to perfectly execute their play. Concentration and preciseness, this is what Ping-Pong is all about.

This guy has pushed his body to the limit. Not only he’s performing multiple acrobatic maneuvers while falling rapidly into the pool, but sneezing in mid-air is something his body is just not capable of dealing with.

Sometimes the things you do while wearing your funny costume would consider as hilarious while if you were doing them with your costume off, you may have been accused of harassment.

The beauty in photos is that sometimes they capture moments that can be interpreted in many different ways. In this case, there can be only one interpretation of this powerful scene. This driver has decided to cheat and give himself a decent advantage over all these other Formula-1 racing cars.

Sometimes photos like this demonstrate what a great machine the human body is. Many times we see things happen in real time but our eyes and brain can’t really grasp and process what we’ve just witnessed since everything happened so quickly. That’s what cameras are for, to capture those special moments from various angles and in different timing. Only then, after watching the photos of that moment we realize how special that moment was.

The Olympic pool doesn’t often provide much action to all those Sports journalists and photographers who are constantly waiting for something to happen. But then, these pure sports moments happen, ones that were worth all the waiting for and can become tomorrow’s news. Like this photo for example where an American swimmer was captured just when he’s about to break the water surface. This is what Sports journalism is all about, going the extra mile and get the fans what they wouldn’t have seen anywhere else.

In the 2008 NBA dunk contest, which traditionally is being held during the All-Start Weekend, Dwight Howard took one of the biggest showtime events in professional sports to the next level. Howard, then Orlando Magic’s All-Star, put on the Superman cape for his final dunk and as can be seen in this photo, he had quite a good argument for doing so. Howard got some help from one of his teammates who threw the ball high up from the other side of the hoop, while Howard caught it in mid-air and viciously dunked it. Howard got the highest score possible for that dunk and eventually won the 2008 slam dunk contest.

Sometimes you dedicate yourself to one goal, one event, one maneuver or play that will define you as the athlete you are. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go as plan and accidents and dramas happen even where they are least expect. This photo captured at the perfect moment a big drama that luckily ended with no severe injuries. The 17-year-old Chelsea Davis, who was part of the American diving team to the World Aquatics Championships in Montreal, smashed her head into the board and then tumbled into the pool with blood streaming from her nose and forehead. Davis was immediately transferred to the local hospital where luckily no major injuries were diagnosed. Not long after Davis has returned to compete.