Top Beaches in The USA

An idyllic time at the beach sounds filled with sun, sea, sand and all of the creature comforts we can imagine such as having the beach all to ourselves for the day.  The only concern is that many beaches are overused, commercialized and downright dirty.

So here are 5 of the best beaches all over the US based on the 3 criteria which are cleanliness, traffic, and atmosphere.

Coronado Beach, San Diego, CA

One of US best beaches


Located in San Diego, the Coronado beach has been rated as one of the top beaches for families in the US. It offers a family and canine friendly experience. Famous for being used in a Marilyn Monroe film there are many nearby amenities.

The complexity of the beach is due to multiple properties; there is a fishing/ ferry pier to the north, a bridge to enjoy sights of the bay, a hotel to the south and as an added bonus, free parking nearby.

Depending on location, there are showers and restrooms nearby, seasonal life guards and a gang of activity for everybody at the beach.

 Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, Florida

Florida - one of the best beaches in the world


If taking it slow is your idea of a great time, then Siesta Key Beach in Florida is the perfect spot. With pristine white sands and warm blue Floridian waters, this highly developed beach has the space to fit everyone. If having beach shopping, bicycling paths or playing volleyball is not for you, the Siesta Key Beach has space for a more secluded experience. Here you may spread a towel and soak up some sun, or have a boat ride at your leisure.

Hanauma Bay Beach Park, Hawaii
Hawaii Beaches


Going off the beaten path and skipping off the contentious US, we head to the 50th state. The Hanauma Bay Beach Park located in Hawaii is an immensely popular destination for wildlife interaction.  Hanauma Bay offers a well-balanced marine ecosystem through efforts of the local government to maintain the site. First-time visitors must watch a video before entering the park to ensure all safety rules for the park are observed. This is the only park with an entrance fee of $7.50. An additional fees are required if a guided tour is needed.

Ogunquit Beach, Maine
Maine beaches


Located along the S.E. seaboard of York County Maine, most of the shoreline of Ogunquit Beach is open to the general public. The main point of interest here is to walk along the Marginal Way trail. It snakes along the rocky coastline for a mile while linking the town to the fishing community of Perkins Cove.

While the Town and Perkins Cove may have experienced a change in the commercial enterprise, they both retain the dignity and charm of an era when fishing and art were the ways of life here.

Specialty shops, boutiques and both indoor and outdoor dining are just steps away from inns and resorts that welcome visitors.

Padre Islands, Texas
Everything is big in Texas


When one thinks of Texas, a beach may not come to mind. Nevertheless the Padre Islands have the distinction of being the only Island in Texas. This ideal Spring Break spot by has the widest, cleanest beaches and parties as well.

Year-round South Padre Island offers warm temperatures, calm water and a variety of activities for the adrenaline junkies. Nature lovers or people looking for some quality downtime can leave the noise behind by escaping to this tropical Island getaway. The widest point of the Island is half a mile wide. This means you are always just step away from the ocean.