What Do The World Leaders Really Like To Eat?

World leaders, Heads of State and even dictators can sometimes be presented as these super human immortal beings. They are seen as the elite, they are highly guarded and their secrets are even more so protected. But no matter who it is or what the vocation, everyone on earth has 24 hours per day as well as everyone must eat.

Here are the favorite foods of few of the worlds’ most popular or infamous Whleaders past and present. Given the iconic status of these leaders, some of these entries are simply very surprising.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen absolutely loves a classically British snack- sweet treats usually followed by tea. Her treat of choice is chocolate in many forms such as the chocolate mousse, chocolate biscuit cake, and chocolate ganache. Rounding out this list is of course the classic chocolate cake.

Vladimir Putin

Source: wikiwand.com / epicurious.com

This former KBG operative has brought many of his secretive tactics to the world of Russian politics. Not much is known about his tastes in food except for his love of pistachio ice cream. What makes this so unique is the fact that Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world!

Kim Jong- Un

Source: businessinsider.com / pinterest.com

Just as with his Russian counterpart, much of this leader’s diet is kept a state secret. In many instances, this is for security purposes as his enemies would poison this unyielding dictator at the earliest chance. What is known is his love for the French Brie and Swiss cheeses complimented with copious amounts of wine. His love for cheeses is so great that it was revealed as an addiction in 2014. This addiction lead to both massive weight gain and it caused him to suffer great discomfort.

Barack Obama

Source: twitter.com / nytimes.com

The 44th President of the US is particularly popular for his love of healthy foods such as spinach, broccoli, salmon, nut mixes and apples. But his palate is definitely not limited a heart healthy diet. Mr. Obama loves American classics such as chili, cheeseburgers and foods from his native Hawaii.

Pope Francis

Source: independent.co.uk / epicurious.com

The spiritual leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics agreed to give up all worldly possessions in order to get that title. This has not stopped him from loving the foods of his native Argentina. The Pope is a fan of empanadas, sirloin steak, dulce de leche, skinless chicken and salads. His favorite type of food is an Italian classic- the pizza. The only time the Pope wishes he could not be recognized is when he goes to a pizzeria for a pizza.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Source: tabletmag.com/ zeldaandimeldalooks.com

A former commando turned Prime Minister, ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu has a generally healthy diet compared to other world leaders. While at meetings, he is known to love snacking on fruits, vegetables, trail mixes, nuts and raisins. A review of his living expenses revealed an interesting fact; his love for ice cream. While at home the Israeli Prime Minister is known to purchase and consume impressive amounts of vanilla and pistachio flavored ice creams.

Narendra Modi

Source: wikipedia.org / archanaskitchen.com

Rounding out our list is the strict vegetarian and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Modi has a particular weakness for the food of his youth which is the Gujarati cuisine. Meals from this western Indian region is noted to be simultaneously sweet salty and spicy. Other favorites include khichdi -a meal of rice and lentils, bhindi kadhi -buttermilk stew with okra, and shrikhand with dry fruits -a sweet and sour yogurt dessert.

Donald Trump

Source: wikipedia.org / mcdonalds.com

Although Donald Trump claims he never consumes coffee nor alcohol, his doctors are probably not happy with his eating habits. According to his assistances, Trump is a big fan of all sorts of fast food but mostly likes the Big Mac or the Mc fish meals and Cherry Vanila ice cream for desert.